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Thursday, September 14, 2017 7:59:04 PM
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Sunday, September 17, 2017 9:45:38 PM
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steve april vocal, guitar, flute (melody, lyrics)
mark stein lead guitar, mandolin, bass, percussion

A female friend in Paris said, "you combine the kindest heart with the soundest moral teaching, a lively imagination, and that droll roguishness which shows that the wisest of men allows wisdom to be perpetually broken against the rocks of femininity..."

Ben Franklin contributions include;

1. bifocals
2. lightning rods
3. coined the terms positive and negative (in electricity), also storage, and conductor
3. helped organize the first firehouse, post office, and among the first universities in the colonies (U. of Pennsylvania)
Ben ($100) Franklin

grew up with fifteen brothers and sisters,
father scratched and saved to make a home
ben wakes, a curious lad,
swims a lake, hills and valleys roams.
you'll find ben on a $100 bill
smiling to this day,
walked the walk and when he stumbled,
ate humble pie all day.

friends w jefferson, adams, hancock too,
got friends in phili, washington and massachu...

saved houses and barns ben,
rolly polly ben,
franklin stove keeps his comrades warm at night,
fly a kite ben...

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a tribute, after reading a few bios, w flute, mandolin, and nicely appointed production...

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