Bryon Tosoffwho knows what lurks within you?
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Friday, September 22, 2017 6:59:33 PM
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Friday, September 22, 2017 7:02:39 PM
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I Like Strange. ~M~
Mystery Radio
Choosy Sue's Perilous Reviews


who knows what lurks in your mind,evil.good.idiocy.or just total dumbasses

bryon tosoff, synth bass, percussion vocals all that

to those who yap and offer nothing of value. way to go losers
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Choosy Sue's Perilous Reviews
Halloween? no, this is more Hello wiener. It takes a huge ego or a brave musician to upload a song he knows only the curious or deranged will listen to (I'm the curious) I know what happened here ; someone's favorite Uncle (Fester perhaps) has been kidnapped and forced to sing (I use the term loosely) while holding up a card that reads "Send $1 Million before this song self destructs and worms its way into the ears of the unsuspecting Universe causing a Bad Song Pandemic" Oh dear, maybe it's too late! One blessing, the singer is obviously locked in a padded room far away from the recording studio, so his message is indistinct apart from the worrying and constant reminder that something might be "lurking" within us - I know what's lurking in me now and I hope I can finish this review before it makes an appearance. A cross between The march of the Zombies, The Shadow Radio show and Oscar Peterson (post 2007). Serious jazz enters briefly but it's chased away by some blood curdling screams until finally someone ends the misery, for the performer, and everyone in fact. - Choosy Susie 2017

I Like Strange. ~M~
Love It!!! -M-

Mystery Radio
I am coming to get you hahahaha

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