The GeeBeesI'm coming down with you
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Saturday, September 30, 2017 3:53:35 PM
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Saturday, September 30, 2017 5:44:10 PM
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Eve's Thing is Good Songs


Piano backing to a sultry vocal and later harmonies and choral bridge

Written after the start of a cold that had symptoms which might be interpreted in another way
My head is light, my palms are sweating
My extremities are numb
My legs are weak, and I'm regretting
there's no more sleep to come
It's hard to breathe when I am shaking
I cannot concentrate
I had a night of sweet love-making
turned out to be a risky date - and I think I'm coming down with you

My chest is tight, my heart is pounding
I have a touch of vertigo
The diagnosis can't be found in
no doctors journal that I know
I cannot eat, my stomachs churning
but I just can't hold nothing in
My eyes are glazed and my foreheads burning
I think my bloods a little thin... and I think I'm coming down with you
I'm coming down with you
I thought I was immune
I'm coming down with you
and it's not even a full moon
I got all the symptoms, the prognosis is clear
I'm getting so hot and I feel a little queer
This mystery illness came out of the blue
I got no resistance
and I'm coming down with you


Oo Oo, what can I do, you gave me something, are you suffering too?
My temperature's rising, what can I do, it's not surprising, I'm coming down with you
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Eve's Thing is Good Songs
I like the title. Nice lyrics. Vocals have an earnestness.

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