Sonitus PoeticaEnchanted Park (duet)
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Saturday, October 07, 2017 7:53:55 AM
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Saturday, October 07, 2017 8:05:51 AM
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The Thanksgiving Zone


Part narration (Scott Stambaugh) and part backing melody/vocals (Jilly Wright)
There is a slightly psychedelic theme throughout the son where vocals and melodies overlap, entwine and move about freely

Song Comments

The Thanksgiving Zone
a narrative featuring bold language, and rich vocabulary like "velvet chocolate cake" lol, "shards of gold," "enchanting park", w a pleasing piano painting the scene with melodic touches, and backing vocals, a gentle wave that carries through with poetry and yearning, recalls Keats, Shelley, and Swinburne, leave the curses for another day, Swinburne smiles...

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