Verity KeenThose "Can't forget you" Days
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Sunday, October 08, 2017 6:17:32 AM
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Sunday, October 08, 2017 6:26:08 AM
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Powerful yet smooth ballad with extras

I know your birthday, I know your address
I saved your poetry, I have to confess
You're in my journal and on my wall chart
It's gonna be a problem staying apart
You're everywhere I look
I know you so well I could write a book

You are my password, you are my pin
I type your number when I want to get in
You're my screen saver and my email too
There's not a chance that I'm forgetting you
(you're everywhere....)
Although I know we have to go our separate ways
I can't get past those 'can't forget you' days
Separate ways implies there is another way to go
But there's no other way away from you that I know
I hope that you have found a happier road
Now that we're deleted, it will lighten the load
(you're everywhere....)
Song Comments

eYe hear you welcome back you cheeky soul, playing hide and seek and teasing us again with your songs. its sound is total old time retro soul pop ,big sounds , with neat string and cool touches of horn sections tasty guitar twists here and there. Its not what Verity Can Do it is what else she is capable of. the most magical vocal nuances and cool treatments throughout

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