Verity KeenIs anyone out there?
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Wednesday, October 11, 2017 5:12:29 AM
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Wednesday, October 11, 2017 5:14:07 AM
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Choosy Sue's Perilous Reviews


Basic Bossa Nova rhythm with piano and electronic enhancements

Old lyrics, new melody and production
Hey, people, are you listening, is anyone out there?

I have talked and I'm still talking, nobody would know
might as well be talking on the Moon
I have walked and I'm still walking, there's so far to go
might as well be walking on the Moon

One small step for Womankind will never be another giant leap
Don't kid me 'cause I ain't blind I'll only be successful in my sleep

I have tried and I'm still trying, aiming for the bull
might as well be shooting for the Moon
I have lied and I'm still lying, truth is kinda dull
Wise old owl just hooting at the Moon

One small step for integrity is one step too far it seems
Spaced out from reality, I'll only be successful in my dreams
Song Comments

big rich piano to start, easy vibe with cool flow. grooving vocals, inviting and tripping, but we are listening. lovely piano hits here and there, just right. tasty morsel Verity weaves another fine joint. how can anyone resist, come on now

a pretty melody, performance and stylish, hauntin' lyrics, gives the song a little extra Factor X, into a memorable singer-songwriter jaunt, in my view, relax, sit back, and let the dulcet tones take you away, the moon, the longing, the Swiss cheese...the moon, high symbol of cloudy romance, said Keats...

Choosy Sue's Perilous Reviews
Oh please let me nestle in those first earth trembling piano chords as I sink back and let this song caress me like a warm breeze, But wait, I am awakened with a musical kiss by the dulcet tones of a delicate English Moonflower begging for attention. As I am transported Moonwards, I see that cool lunar glow, I feel it's magnetism as I get closer to an Indie Heaven vibrating in my ears. This vocal Angel takes my hand and guides me to a place where music is like nothing on Earth. Am I going to disappear into a black, indie music hole or will I reach the ultimate Super(bossa)Nova? My enchanted ears pick up a long distance message wafting over the airways, I see the little silhouetto of a homeless artist in the wilderness. It's hard to imagine life without songs like this. I feel truly touched, like a virgin, for the very first time and I'd gladly take a giant leap of faith and rocket this song up the IMP charts. Choosy Susie 2017

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