Steve Aprilvillains In America (PREVIEW)
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Sunday, October 22, 2017 6:56:42 PM
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Saturday, October 28, 2017 8:46:51 PM
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eYe 2
Eve does it again!


work-in-progress preview of a 7 minute song, vocal w acoustic guitar

steve april vocal, guitar (Melody, lyrics)

villains in America (preview)

suicide kids noddin' out to dirty needles
teenage girls in the shadows, so young and beautiful,
hard working' woman and her factory man,
families in the rust belt starvin' in their camper vans,
their kids ran...

I kissed her in a faded photograph
I cried so hard and they seemed to laugh,
tiptoe to your bed where you are sleepin',
feel your beauty growin' in me weeping,
deep thing...

shame on/ villains in America...

(fruit don't fall far from the internet tree
we're wired electrical community,
look around, most of the good guys are gone,
the Kennedys, Martin King and John Lennon
gunned down.

commuters in the suburbs start their push power,
headin' to the train station and rush hour,
angels hear voices in their heads,
look for villains under their bed,
better dead than red

naming/ villains in America...)

chilling' in America minstrels gotta sing their song/right or wrong.

Trump may be a bit naive...

we're willin' in America,
Dylan's a minstrel in America
frozen point of view hey hey
have you kissed your kids today

villains in America

who Putin the "P", in the democracy?

Song Comments

Eve does it again!
sounds like Neil Young. Nice lyrics!

eYe 2
FREAKING SOUNDS LIKE NEIL YOUNG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!COOL SONG FROM STEVE APRIL, RIGHT OFF IT JUST HAS THE VIBE and VOCAL LIKE NEIL YOUNG........oh eYe dig, genuine. who needs production and all that, this cuts to the truth,great lyrics

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