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Wednesday, November 08, 2017 8:42:49 PM
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Wednesday, November 08, 2017 9:16:20 PM
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What the Folk!


'young love and poetry flowin' like wine...'

steve april vocal, guitar

bryon tosoff violin, banjo, french horns

work in progress, spans the 60s, when we did not know if/when we'd be marching off to war, til now, who knows, may be developed enuf, given our circumstances...
Alphabet Of Pearl

In a castle dark we talked through the night,
gathered in our dorm rooms, till early mornin' light,
young love and poetry flowin' like wine,
for each boy and girl talked the alphabet of pearl.

our friends stood beside us brave and true singin' songs,
'make love not war,' a different kind of strong,
forgin' a new path, outside the snow swirled,
each boy and girl talked the alphabet of pearl.

people love a good redemption story,
there's innocence before the fall,
an alphabet of pearl defies the odds,
a creative mystery for all.

older and wiser, say self love is an illusion,
ran a fever for music, some say a delusion?
chasin' a native tongue for each boy and girl,
clashin' armies versus the alphabet of pearl,
music and emotion, the alphabet of pearl,
thank the heavens for music, an alphabet of pearl.
Song Comments

What the Folk!
Its a happy fun song, good old time vibe

excellent lyrics, and a melody that will have you hummin' all day, elegant, simple production...

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