Neil w YoungLittle Darlin'
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Friday, November 24, 2017 11:39:21 PM
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Saturday, April 11, 2020 8:16:22 PM
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We Sang In The Summer
Light My Fire
Desperado Revue
Tchaikovsky Loves These Songs


Written by Maurice Williams, LITTLE DARLIN' was released in January 1957 by Williams’ R&B group, The Gladiolas. Our own great home-grown Canadian group, The Diamonds, released their version a month later – it reached No. 2 on the U.S. charts and was ranked by Billboard as the No. 3 song for 1957. My version (licenced) is on my CD album THOSE WERE THE DAYS. Available at iTunes,, Amazon, Spotify and other streaming web sites.

Written by Maurice Williams

Lead vocals - Neil w Young
Back up/harmony vocals - Ray Lyell
Electric guitar - John Lewis
Acoustic & bass guitar - Ray Lyell
Drums - Roger Banks
Piano - Carl Horton
Sax - Dave Rodenburg
Cowbell - Mike Rajczak
Castanets - Franklin Joseph

Recording engineer - Trevor Titian
Mixed & mastered by Trevor Titian
D D Protocol - João Carvalho Mastering

Song display pic Copyright Restless Wind Music

Song Comments

We Sang In The Summer
what a great cover, love the falsettos and the do op, and the strong song structure, they don't write em like that anymore, and a top drawer melody, and performance, w a rocking' band, and maybe a kazoo on top of this rock sunday confection, kudos...

Love this oldie but goldie, what a terrific cover and brings back some great memories, outstanding piece of work. great vocals neil , too cool ! bringing it

Light My Fire
what a great intro, w full-blown sonics, and a rockin' band, cheers to the whole gang, playin' music that goes up to the sky, and sounds great on earth also lol, all held together by Neil's stellar vocal, w a falsetto and all, kudos...

Tchaikovsky Loves These Songs
a soundscape w harmonies, sonic breadth, a timely vocal, back in the day, but good music is ageless, like fine wine...

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