Konstantinos DilzasON THE ATTIKI ODOS
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Friday, December 01, 2017 9:18:06 AM
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Friday, December 01, 2017 9:29:29 AM


Electronic Dance music song / Breakbeat

Music: Dj Sparkey

Lyrics: Tina Refenes (based on the Greek poem "?a???a st?? ?tt??? ?d?" by Konstantinos Dilzas

Recorded at Polyphoniki Studio Athens

Sound Engineer: Petros Petropoulos

Produced by: Kosdil Productions

Official Lyrics Video Clip by LM WORLD UK

A sad song for a boy who has been rejected from his love suddenly... The boy is driving again at the Attiki Odos road where he and his love used to drive together ...but now is alone...neglected...discarded...lost on the attiki odos...lost in his life...

I'm lost on the Attiki Odos highway,
Out of one exit,
In through the next entry.
I can never find the right direction...
Where do I go?

I remember back when you loved me,
You laughingly teased me when I was lost
And you always helped me to find my way,
On the Attiki Odos... in my life...

Now I have lost myself...
I'm lost in a maze...
Dead ends surround me.
I go one way then the other...
I cannot find a way out...
You are gone....
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