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Saturday, February 24, 2018 10:12:09 AM
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Wednesday, November 28, 2018 8:58:46 AM
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A Bob Dylan song especially adapted as a 3 part harmony choral tribute

Using Bob Dylan's song "Man gave names to all the animals, the girls have produced a harmonic tribute song for Normand's cat who died recently.
Meow, Meow.

Man gave names to all the animals

Nina, have you seen her

She was old and weak and tired, needed somewhere new to lie
that was warm and soft and trouble free, where she could say goodbye
People had been good to her and she expected that
Always got what she wanted'though she was just a cat

Your home was hers, it wasn't yours, Nina was the Queen
the day you fell for a Tortoiseshell like her
She's wind you round her tiny paws but she was never mean
The music loving Pussycat with multicolored fur

If you'd ever seen her you'd fall in love with Nina
She could see right into your heart
If you could have been her you'd understand why Nina
had to go, even though you loved her from the start

She was the boss, such a sad loss
Now she can sing, no more suffering
Now she is free to climb a tree
Or run and play, forever and a day

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Not sure if we should promote cover songs here but this one is really different word wise - no-one added it so it belongs on the Song Adoption Station. Adopt a pussy for Christmas folks and you have a friend for life

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