Psyche's MuseDid God Give The World Unto Satan
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Friday, March 23, 2018 6:45:11 AM
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Tuesday, November 10, 2020 12:47:31 AM
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Mi Amigo Jesus


Is Man God Or Devil? Good Or Evil? And What Is Life? -M-

Will I Am(X): Guitar, Vocals
Knee rah(M): Bass, Words

Did God Give The World Unto Satan?
Or Did God Give Satan Unto This World?

Was Satan Beautifully Arrayed And Adorned?
Was He Anointed With Power; Second Only To God?

Satan Was Lifted Up Above All His Brothers…
From Whence Came His Fall.

Satan Was Full Of The Knowledge Of God!
Satan Was Full Of The Knowledge Of God!
Where Did He Go Wrong?

Was Satan In His Fullness Chose To Judge God?
He Called Pain And Suffering And Hunger Evil!
Satan Accused God Of Wrong Doing!
Satan Found Fallen God...
Satan Bound Fallen God!!!

So, The World Came Forth From God…
And Satan Was Sent Into It…
To Try It And Judge It First Hand.
The Fall Of Satan Was The Rise Of Man!
And The Suffering And Hell Are The Trials Of Job!

So, Now Satan…
You Have Been To The Scene Of The Crime.
What Judgement Do You Make Of Life?
Is It Good To Be Alive?
Do You Wish That You Had Never Been Born?
Is Life A Worthwhile Endeavor?
Do You Want It To End?

Is Life A Wicked Burden…
Or A Welcome Burden?
Do You Cause Your Fellow Man’s Burden's Wickedness?
Did He Yours? Did He Yours!
Do You Welcome The Burden Of Your Fellow Man?
Did He Yours? Did He Yours!

Hurry Up!
Time Is Getting Short!
And The Hour Is Late! x
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