David NyroThe Man in the Window, Featuring Abby London
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Sunday, April 29, 2018 3:25:05 AM
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Sunday, April 29, 2018 3:41:59 AM
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From a review by Mark Taylor of Simply Pop Music: A work of art!!! If this doesn't make you stop and listen, then nothing will. Lyrics weave a story that grabs attention from the opening, the beautifully haunting voice of Abby London fits perfectly. This is a well crafted song, a work of such beauty that deserves to be a massive hit. Dim the lights, put those earphones on and enjoy.

Abby London, vocals
David Nyro, Piano, keys, producer
Colin Isler, cello
Jakael Tristram, keys, engineer, producer
Sean Lane, drums, bike percussion
Marc Miller, bass

Another mostly autobiographical song that's also universal. I'm pretty much the man in the window, revisiting a place where the love of my life, now lost and gone and with another, and I courted. It was "our place." I'm sure we weren't the first, nor will we be the last, to claim a spot as "ours." Hence, the "Happy Couple" who replace the lone lover to conclude the song. The circle of love, and life, continues, right? Thank you for listening. Hope it touches you in some way. Abby London, who sings the song, more than did justice to my song and all the meaning, feeling, and history behind it. Thank you, Abby!
The Man in the Window
© 2017 By David Nyro

See the man in the window,
nursing his drink, with the far-away look in his eyes
See the man take a swallow
There’s a hard blink, he’s choking back something he finally must realize
He gave her everything, everything he had to give
She was in love with her love,
but never in love with the man
How do we measure, measure a love
a love that can never be measured
This was their place, he found his grace
She only saw his disgrace

See the man in the window, wiping his face with his sleeve as he slowly gets up to leave
See the man with no tomorrow
Throws a bill on the table and kisses his life good – bye
He gave her everything
Everything he had inside
She didn’t like all he showed her
And she was the one to decide
How do we measure, measure a love, a love that can never be measured
He found his place Found divine grace She only saw his sad face

See the happy couple in the window
Look at their faces This is “their” place
This is their time to glow . . .
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2018 IAIA Golden Kayak Award Nominees
Folk/Acoustic Rock/Americana

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I once told David that this was the most beautiful song I had heard in decades. I still stand by that statement. Abby London's singing here is quite a delight.

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