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Tuesday, June 19, 2018 11:43:27 PM
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04 - Soar - DreamLyfe - 2018 Holworks Music

Mark Holman - lyrics, vocals, adlibs. ., mix, production, etc. . .
Music by Audio Blocks

Soar is another potential for my upcoming album DreamLyfe. If you like this song, let me know. I am in the creative mode so have a tendency to miss a lot. Just like all the songs I have written, it is different. . .Soar

Down beat, upbeat,
The wind and feather reach the wing side.
And I feel the lift, the loft, the pitch, the yaw,
The way it wants to roll to the left, to the right,
The sun beating down, I soar.
Never could I imagine this,
Never could I imagine this,
So I see the ground below
The feeling bereft I left it’s gone and I feel it’s right
I begin to soar.
Tempest, storm, waterfall,
Going through the dusted squall, when I soar.
It’s only come between me like a convergent course,
Which angle should I endure when I soar?
I see the ground below staring out I know, I soar.
Waiting for the cool breeze caught along the seas and I soar
Into the daylight, ah the pressure’s there
Not to make a mistake
And I can’t feel it when I soar.
Ah the ground below is gone,
And the blue sky is my friend
And I can feel the shifting currents of the subtle wind when I soar.

-Mark S. Holman – Holworks
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^^Moods For All Seasons^^
there's love and light in this soarin' ode to flight, w a keys-driven, rhythm and undertones, and stellar production, vaguely U2ish perhaps here and there, but quite creative and a positive energy blast, draws me in, kudos...

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