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Sunday, June 24, 2018 4:15:50 AM
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Wednesday, January 16, 2019 2:43:52 AM
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There's Gold In Them Thar Hills


Where Eagles Dare is track seven potentially for my upcoming album DreamLyfe

Mark Holman - lyrics, vocals, adlibs. ., mix, production, etc. . .
Music by Audio Blocks

Where Eagles Dare is my tribute to those who soar.
Where Eagles Dare
Every time I think that I could be,
It’s a stumbling block to see an obstacle in front of me.
I think that I can either, go under or around,
Or do I think that I should spread my wings and fly above the ground?
Where eagles dare so high up in the air
Where eagles dare is it a place I can go to now?
Will I dream the life to recall when the setting sun is done?
Will the streets remain empty when there’s no traffic in the run?
Will the sidewalk slip beside me like the peddled feet below?
When I look down at this station, is there something else I should know?
Where eagles dare that place beyond compare,
Like a cyclist I yearn for that captivating air.
It’ not going to be unfavorably
If I settle into that family tree
I know I can go farther than I’ve ever been before.
I’ll stretch my legs and stretch my wings,
Before I know it I’ll soar
In a DreamLyfe, where eagles dare
In a DreamLyfe
Do it now
Do it now
Fly up there
Fly up there
Where eagles dare
Oh the ground below swerves in innocence
And I feel it stronger now
I’m going to make this life before me go and soar
Where eagles dare
Where eagles dare
Where eagles dare
Watch out, I have it now.
Ah this song in my heart
And these feelings are on the wind
I want to go up
Where the world is tired
And know I flew where eagles dare.
Holworks – DreamLyfe – Where Eagles Dare - 2018
Song Comments

There's Gold In Them Thar Hills
adventurous chorus, musicality, c-o-o-l storytellin' also, I like...

holworks leaps out musically, kinda mirroring a bird flight, in song-construction, with a neat underlying' rhythm and stellar vocal tones, that communicate desire, and yearning, a sonic tapestry with a lovely resonance...

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