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Thursday, July 19, 2018 1:21:24 AM
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Saturday, December 22, 2018 5:03:52 PM
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We Sang In The Summer


Upper Eastside is a train ride into Manhattan and the view from window passing by.

Mark S. Holman

In a DreamLyfe there would be an Upper Eastside apartment to come home to periodically, a short train ride from the airport, or into work before play. How often do we think of other things?
Upper Eastside
1st Voice Rap
All Aboard! All Aboard!
Hitting the track with my pack, front row seat rest my feet.
Sluggish traffic, yellow cabs, crosswalk signals, cement slabs
Steel rail scaffolds, blemished paint, pristine brickwork weathered taint.
Coffee shops, lunch stops, fashion remakes, nightclub bakes,
Skyline look, building sprawl, mirror face, leather shawl.
Trucks honking, people yelling, fan sounds, windows telling.
Watch the people, criminals plan, intent to harm another man.
Flags on poles, entrance awnings, sunshield windows, business dawning.
Song Comments

We Sang In The Summer
ridin' a train, cool rhythm, w vivid details, detours into a train-of-thought, like the 'city surroundings' rap, creative stuff, kudos...

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