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Desperado Blues - R&B/Soul - Jazz


Song 17 for DreamLyfe, Impeccable is a gambling venture noting the accenture in lines

Mark S. Holman

Oh yeah
Last Tuesday night, you said you had a fight, couldn’t get out into the midnight.
I wonder how I could call you there and if you would join me on the stairs.
Time it’s a line drawn in a suit.
It all looks so impeccable.
Impeccable, street stained shoes, in the gutter, what’s there to lose?
And if you swing on that silver string and the light that brings the Devil’s Chandelier.
Ahhhh, impeccable oh impeccable ah, impeccable oh, impeccable
All the strings are lined up in cash
Back door exits to make a dash.
Chips fall in a clink sound on and you smile,
Not too much you don’t want to give it away awhile.
Oh, there’s some foreigner’s eyes, thinking that you are going to look at his disguise.
But it doesn’t matter if the lines are pure,
Drawn in chalk or in marble, cure.
Impeccable, impeccable, oh you’re so impeccable
Impeccable, impeccable, oh you’re so impeccable
Oh slip the shade turns round, the blackness hides this side of town.
You can’t creep that vision there
The lines are so impeccable, impeccable.
Mark S. Holman

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