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Song 17 for DreamLyfe, Impeccable is a gambling venture noting the accenture in lines

Mark S. Holman

Oh yeah
Last Tuesday night, you said you had a fight, couldn’t get out into the midnight.
I wonder how I could call you there and if you would join me on the stairs.
Time it’s a line drawn in a suit.
It all looks so impeccable.
Impeccable, street stained shoes, in the gutter, what’s there to lose?
And if you swing on that silver string and the light that brings the Devil’s Chandelier.
Ahhhh, impeccable oh impeccable ah, impeccable oh, impeccable
All the strings are lined up in cash
Back door exits to make a dash.
Chips fall in a clink sound on and you smile,
Not too much you don’t want to give it away awhile.
Oh, there’s some foreigner’s eyes, thinking that you are going to look at his disguise.
But it doesn’t matter if the lines are pure,
Drawn in chalk or in marble, cure.
Impeccable, impeccable, oh you’re so impeccable
Impeccable, impeccable, oh you’re so impeccable
Oh slip the shade turns round, the blackness hides this side of town.
You can’t creep that vision there
The lines are so impeccable, impeccable.
Mark S. Holman

Dawan just loves this music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this is incredible i cant believe that you are on earth with us making this heavenly music and lyric come together, you are truly talented and gifted with all sorts of talents just use them to accomplish the greatness that you were destined to create the worlds best songs and we want to hear them all so keep doing what it is that you do and we will be here to support you all the way. Dawan - Reviewed by STONEAGE ENTERTAINMENT PRO on Mar 26 United States, Michigan, Detroit
Remarkable sound and style

This arrangement characterizes smooth accompainying keyboard modular-infused sounds wich creating a great space in the backround. The drum & bass beat forcing the music constantly, especially in the very impressive refrain, making the meaning of the song engaging for me. The vocals sounds a bit overdriven in a varied pitch range, but that doesn´t matters to much. The digital tunes puts one into a cosmos of different synth-sounds creating a futuristic atmosphere. This extra factor brings increasing feeling into the music. This recording is more creative than some others. Overall good mixed and mastered. But why do I tell this? Well, you might be a pop music fan, looking for light at the end of the tunnel for good music. This one could be a radio hit and it´s an original. Listen to the song and I´m sure you will like to add him. Let others know your recommendation. - Reviewed by KAIJY PRO on Mar 28 Germany, Hamburg


What first grabbed me was the piano with the bass and the deep lazy vocal ala Barry White. This is how a song would sound if Barry y White and Andre 3000 of Outkast had collaborated. The deep voice singing and the overdubbed talking captures the essence and sleekness of a starry night over a deserted isle with lovely ladies lying on sand covered beaches.I can hear this on the soundtrack of a movie Radio is a must for Impeccable, for it is just that. The music track is too hot! The only fault I found is that the song is just too short...I wanted the music to continue long after the song was over. You will too. -Reviewed by RobertAllen Advanced - United States, Maryland, Greenbelt


I like It.. I picture It as a Part of Cabaret / Comedy Show..Really.. Make a Show..I do not know anybody who Do Something like That.. It is Original.. I know it will be a Lot of Work but I Think It will be Worth do do It..all You need is two 45 min Parts.. so keep working on It ..I do not know haw Music Publishers will react but I know that Many People will like to hear something like that..I wish You good Luck with submissions..Good Job..I hope to hear The Whole Show soon..Reviewed by JFP Music PRO on May 04 United States, California, Los Angeles



Nice I think this song is really nice. The whole song is well put together. The audio and production quality sounds awesome. You really did your thing on this track. I can definitely see your career going very far if you can continue to make this type of music. I love the fact that you show passion in your song and that speaks in volumes to the listeners. Keep up the hard work! You definitely have what it takes to go to the top. Good luck.

Toda una intención de proponer un tema muy original y lleno de calidad. Ese comienzo de altos vuelos artísticos junto a los arreglos sutiles de guitarras y piano le dan un sabor exquisito para ser escuchada y disfrutarla. Y sin duda lo que más sorprende en su escucha, son su hermosa melodía y la voz de su protagonista, natural y llena de emotividad con algunos ecos escondidos del mejor Leonard Cohen, al igual que unos coros que acompañan dignamente en cada momento.- Reviewed by Julio Unikornio PRO on Mar 14
Spain, Santa Cruz De Tenerife

Remarkable impeccable

Deep, deep, deep. Can you picture a crossroad where, John Barry, Barry White, Izaac Hayes and Graces Jones are meeting. Here we are, an *impeccable* cross road. Holworks put a hell of a good work to make that believable. Let yourself riding a Mustang, or driving it through the street of a cosmopolitan mégapole, seeking the bad guys to give justice and clean the world of diseases. Impeccable is remarkable ..Reviewed by Cardinal Beginner on Feb 26 United States, California, Pasadena


Cool Song

Well produced and recorded song. Great earthy vocals that carry the song along, like the late great Barry white type of vibe. The backing track has an unusual feel to it. Overall a really good song that will grow on you with more listens.Reviewed by David Cooper Beginner on Feb 26 United Kingdom, Sunderland
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