Mel TWhen will we be done Don ?
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Tuesday, November 13, 2018 5:34:41 PM
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Tuesday, November 13, 2018 5:36:20 PM
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Slow piano intro and outro (with Slovenian harmony choir) leading to big, fast Pop song highlighting fiddle - Mel laments her life in the old country

This is the original backing track to the Slovenian Eurovision Song Contest in 2015 - It came 14th - Mel wrote new lyrics
Mel laments about Slovenia

It's very strange that you became The President
I never thought that I'd become a resident
In The White House, Washington DC
Watched and followed constantly
Just at an age when you should be retiring
You need to be on call, all pistons firing
Sometimes I love you, sometimes I hate... but Donnie I can't wait...
'til it's done,done,done
and you are not the one
at last we'll have some fun again
When they kick you out
'cause you are no Boy scout
and I don't have to watch you pout like a moody man with half a brain

Oh what a shock, they said you was the winner
Because I knew that you was a beginner
There was so much you didn't understand
No way on Earth that this was planned
Sometimes I wish I was back in Slovene
especially when you're being mean
Oh Donald I don't want to make a scene.... but I've had enough - I can't go on - we've been here too long - somehow it seems so wrong - when will it end?


Mel wishes it was over
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Blurby the Maestro of Blurbs
So great that we have the actual first lady on our site finding escape from her disturbed pathetic husband.

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