Plum JamStay where I can see you
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Tuesday, November 27, 2018 5:45:10 AM
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Sunday, December 02, 2018 6:32:46 PM
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Moody, Cool, Psychotic, and Mesmerizing
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Minor Blues/Jazz ballad with dominant lead vox with improvised backing vocals

I used a Minor Blues Jam Track courtesy of Backingtracks . com and improvised melody and lyrics over it
Stay where I can see you
Don't go away from me, so I can't see where you are
I'll watch you night and day, stay under my thumb

Wait wait wait until I can catch you
I got my lover bait waiting for your bite
Need to know you're close at hand, under my thumb

Gonna pin you down, gonna tie you up, I'm gonna lock you in
Put a blindfold over your eyes and Duck tape round your chin
Handcuffs on your wrists
You ain't going anywhere out of my sight

Spoken... Now it ain't that I don't trust you Hon, I just have to know where you are in case I need you.... and Babe I need you all of the time... every minute of the day

.... a verse of mixed lyrics and chants

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Song Adoption Society
Don't think any stations picked up on this yet. Blues can be stuck in a familiar groove sometimes so it's good when someone tries to keep it fresh with different ideas on each verse.

Moody, Cool, Psychotic, and Mesmerizing
Hahaha! Love this one! -M-

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