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Sunday, December 02, 2018 3:00:20 PM
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Monday, December 03, 2018 10:15:41 AM


Short, wordy production in 3 parts with an Elvis style rock and roll backing track, sound effects, poem to open and full blown classic song to finish.

Inspired by the phrase "Don't kill the goose that lays the golden egg" It's all about geese and hens and mean behaviour
I once knew a gander
his name was Alexander
he tended to meander around
He could eat a salamander
but he could never stand a
little honest candor I found

Never pander to a gander
you may ruffle his dander
he's a species much grander indeed
but if a gander's blander
than a sprig or coriander
don't slander him by calling him a weed

He lived with a goose
who would play fast and loose
thought her mate had no use in their yard
She would sling her abuse
and kick his caboose
with vigor profuse, oh so hard

There was no excuse
for her language obtuse
reducing his manly demeanor
I was left to deduce
you should be a recluse
when the lady you live with gets meaner
Gobble gobble, cluck cluck, cock-a-doodle-doo
There's trouble in the hen house, Boo hoo hoo
Peckin' and pickin', every feather headed chicken
is scratchin' and hatchin a pretty foul plan
to bring down the rooster with a verbal rocket booster
as quickly as they can
'til the queen of the hen house bites of the legs of the Golden Goose... so no more eggs


She tells him he ain't worthy / that he don't earn enough
She grunts at him when he walks by / complains about his stuff
She's so mean...that drama queen

She throws his dinner at him / she screams so long and loud
She shakes her fist and slams the door / forgetting what they vowed
She's so mean...that drama queen

Chorus = The poor guy has to hide away, she's gonna kill her Golden Goose one day

She loves exaggerating / like things are twice as bad
The neighborhood is worrying / is she going mad ?
She's so mean... that drama queen

(background gabble)
Sometimes she says she's sorry / but that don't last too long
before she calls him names and they have a big ding dong


He brings home the bacon but gets called a pig
She's be no good without him, he's her only gig

Hysterical gabble
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