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Tuesday, December 11, 2018 1:54:26 PM
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Wednesday, December 12, 2018 5:30:17 AM
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A Bossa No-No

Are you unapproachable?
I'm Miss Intimidating / the one they find they're hating /and this is so frustrating, cuz really I'm quite shy
I'm Miss Intimidating / they find me irritating / it's so exasperating because I don't know why


I'm not popular you see
I want attention constantly
I'm my own worst enemy
their disdain is down to me
I'm not popular you see
don't show generosity
don't hide negativity
always speak with honesty
It seems they're scared to interact
they run and hide and that's a fact
but I am human, not divine
I wish you'd be a friend of mine

(aside) Tell me what's the reason / you find me so displeasing /What is it I do or don't do / that peeves the b'Jesus out of you

People have their paradigms / I tell them a hundred times /I'm a hill that no-one climbs / poetry that never rhymes

(aside) I don't always toe the line / fancy is a friend of mine / I ignore a warning sign / I am human not divine


They have their preconceptions before we've made connections
If I want their affections I must ignore their imperfections

They keep their distance, stay away from anything I do or say
I get ignored, day after day and I can't change them, come what may
(rest of chorus)

I will never be Miss Congeniality
I get up people's noses and come up smelling of roses
Be my friend
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