the karmic revolutionariesturn of the wheel (demo for next album)
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Saturday, March 02, 2019 12:37:43 AM
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Friday, March 15, 2019 10:09:44 AM
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Alternative Desperado
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when you're looking back seems that every track
other than the one that you took
led to greater things round-a-bouts and swings
work to bring you down on your luck
oh if only oh I wish I'd just
sometimes you draw two aces sometimes a three and two
depends on the cards not dealt yet
which ones are the best for you
hindsight has it's place when the human race
is trying to make some sense of it all
but when it's just you all it can ever do
is show you riding straight for a fall
oh I could have oh that's when I should
sometimes you land on mayfair sometimes the old kent road
the only important question am I owing or am I owed?
re-live history solve that mystery of everybody winning but you
that way madness lies drowned in heartfelt sighs
wishing you could start it anew
oh I should have oh I might have been
sometimes you roll the sixes sometimes you roll snake-eyes
depends on the game you're playing
whether hope lives or dies
you know you can't change the future so why bother with the past?
you've only one life so live it
go live it the die is cast
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Desperado Revue 2019 GK Contenders
Contender for 2019 GK nomination - Alternative Retro and Psychedelic

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