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Monday, July 01, 2019 5:22:19 AM
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Contemporary Black Gospel song about the awesomeness of God

Stonewall "Stoneman" Towery wrote produced and performed everything on this recording

I wrote this song over 40 years ago when i was touring with a gospel band. It quick became a favorite among our fan base. this is an updated version of the song
He;s God all by himself Oh Yeah
He’s God almighty by himself

He made heaven and earth and said let their be light, then he said its good
And from the waters deep created land where trees and plants of all colors grew
And he made the sun to be the light of day
Placed the moon and stars to shine when the day passed away
In the Seven seas he created life,
creatures large and small and I’m so amazed when i think of it all cause,

He’s God all by himself oh yeah
He’s God all mighty all by himself

One day he wrote my name into the book of life, yes I’m saved by grace
He took my pain away and changed my wrongs to rights theres no doubt I’ve changed
Then he sent me out to give the world good news that we all can be one with the holy king
Now I know the truth so I praise his name, I’m a new creature and i’ll never be the same because

He’s God all by himself oh yeah
He’s God almighty all by himself yeah well
Wonderful majesty yeah, creator of everything, Lord of Lords King of Kings
Truth and the light and the prince of peace yeah

He’s God all by himself, he’s God almighty by himself oh yeah
He’s God all by himself, he God almighty all by himself yeah
Some call him father, some call him master, some say Jehovah
Some call him Yahweh, some call him Jah, The Lion Of Judah
The Alpha and Omega, The Lilly of the Valley, Bright morning star
Wonderful counselor, King Of Kings and Lord Of Lords
Yes, he’s my God, Oh my God, Yes he’s my God all by himself x
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Officially Nominated for a Golden Kayak

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