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Stonewall "Stoneman" Towery wrote, produced and performed everything on this recording.

All over America right now there sits hundreds and possibly thousands of innocent men in prisons for crimes they were framed of by police eager to clear their crime blotters.

Theres no justice in this world. There's no justice

There is no justice in this town or state or city. Theres only people who uphold the lies on which they claim were based.

So many spend their lives in cells so shitty. Though they aren’t really guilty of the crimes and charges that they face.

While others get the lenient treatment and they have special privileges because of money and their race.

Little boys get sent to prison, just because they can’t afford a good attorney on their case.

There's no justice in this world. There's no justice

I have seen so many victims of the law. I have heard so many stories about how they rig the game.

I have seen the innocent in lock up, where only animals are fit to live with numbers as their names.

And when its over they are stranded. Cause no one tried to change or rehabilitate.

What can they do when their much older. The time they spent in prison truly sealed their fate.

There's no justice in this world. There's no justice.

One day you’re walking down the street next thing you know you’re being hassled by police.
They take you down and give the ultimatum.
Confess to the crime or life is what you’re facing.
You’re feeling scared cause they got you all caught up.
There's nothing you can do because the system is screwed up.

Now you’re in jail and the prison is your home. There's no justice for the weary and no bail for those who faced it alone.

Eric Garner, he got no justice. Trayvon Martin he got no justice. Terrence Crutcher he got no justice. Philander Castile he got no justice.

There's no justice in this world. There's no justice
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