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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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song written by Father Time

The roads are empty and the parks are bare
Except for the grocery store
A long line at the Walmart today
The toilet paper shipment came
It’s Twilight Zone in America
We all best stay inside
A few weeks ago they called it a hoax
Turns out, of course, again they lied

Don’t blame it on China - It’s all on you
You couldn’t handle shit
A bunch of people are gonna die
Cause you made light of it
You needed the stocks to not crash down
As that would hurt your chances
Those weeks of hemming hawing
The corona realm advances

You trashed Obama's efforts
you petty fucking racist
You left the country so unarmed
and now, just endless cases

Now every day you stand up front
And dish new loads of horseshit
Dr Fauci cringing
As you stupidly force it

Will this situation ever mellow down
We're needing a real president right now
We're needing a real president right now

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Mystery Radio
Cool harpsichord keyboard or- dx 7 piano vibe and surprising catch you off guard when that guitar that comes out of nowhere unexpectedly a piece that makes a statement of the current crisis times and challenges we live in and how leadership is lacking, and blame lies with some, although I think this situation is deeper then one man , it is a worldwide problem we have with bad people running governments, not just one guy and the answer lies with us, what are we gonna do about it. And it aint just politics, it is the wealthy ones pulling the strings and control our leaders like the puppets they are manipulating

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