Gina FrenchRegret's Last Chance
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Recorded at Fast Foward Studio - 1996 - 1997. Produced, Recorded and mixed by Tony Korologos.
Acoustic and Vocal - Gina French


Where the spirits are, stalling their time
That’s where you’ll find me, my love
And I’ll write my songs in the sand, you can trace the colors with the touch of your hands
Sifting your weight, from the burdened years,
this is my crusade for you, my love
Questions that were left unanswered will turn into weightless doves, my love
And as they find the truth they will fly away to their resolve, my love

Deeply entrenched, is my regret, for the words,
that were never said, my love
For this is our time, no one can take it away,
like in early days. So let the wild horses take us far away,
through the purple, purple haze
No more regrets, my love

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Musicians For Compassion
In remembrance...

Musicians For Compassion 2
In remembrance...

Arcadian Heights
Not easy to find words after listening to this song. After a few minutes 'Beautiful' and 'Deep' came to mind.

I can feel Gina's heart pouring out in this...

Music is my sanctuary, singing is my passion Those are the words that the Utah-based musician and singer/songwriter Gina French uses to sum up her musical vision. Hers is a voice that has been variously described as “volcanic” and “an angelic instrument” by different reviewers. French is not a newcomer. She’s been around, spending years performing both in bands and as a solo act, gradually learning the basics and paying her dues along the way. Long ago she came to realize that she had almost literally been born with music in her blood, but it has taken her time often while life intervened to nurture and cultivate her natural gifts through a patient and gradual growing process which has brought her to where she is today

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