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Thursday, March 16, 2006 10:05:35 PM
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Tuesday, April 11, 2017 9:17:01 AM
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Introspective Expressionism
If you ask, you're in.


IMPROVISATION with Keyboard, Guitar, Voice ... Embellished!

X: Voice, Lead Guitar,(added: Drums, Guitar, Bass)
M: Keyboard, Lyrics

What Am I?
Divider Or Healer?
Which Will I Be?
For Both These Natures...
Reside In Me...

I Kill And I Make Alive!
Will I Save The Heart?
Will I Pluck Out An Eye?
Will I Save A Heart...
Or Pluck Out An Eye?
Both Can I Do...
And Which Shall I?

Lay Down My Life?
Or Take It Up Again?
Lay Down My Life?
Or Take It Up Again?

Divider Or Healer?
Which Shall I Be?
Both These Natures...
Serve The Tree...
Of Life!
About Life...
For Life...
Our Duty Be...
To Be About...
Our Father's Business...
Must We Be...
Attending To The Business...
Of Our Living Tree...
Of Life!
About Life!
For “Life”!
Our Lives Must Be!
Song Comments

Introspective Expressionism
Killer song. I love the lead and the keyboards add a lot. Rythm guitar, bass, and drums lay down a beat with balls!

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