TROLEI Can Feel It
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Thursday, April 07, 2005 4:06:43 PM
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Tuesday, January 22, 2008 10:52:57 AM
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"Wow, I've usddenly discovered a quite interesting record. The words soft, soothing, and funky all describe this track well. Clear production helps this track along but the pure funky vibe is what makes it for me. An excellent track!"

written by J. Trole Taylor

There's only one gaurantee everything will fall to relentless time so gather up your weaponry grab a girl and let's see who's king of the tribe cause now the crack is a canyon ten miles wide it must look better from the other side it's easier to just turn and walk away even if the sun shines every morning there will still be darkness in my day I feel it when I walk with you when I talk with you we can say forever's until we breakdown I'm not gonna worry till I do I don't wanna talk to you wanna talk to you no more she was wrong bout everything all the lies had twisted round her heart in the end she'd finally seen the truth was the only thing she really had from the start I said, "You shouldn't have let them You shouldn't have let them bury you" I said,"Never forget Never forget this We're just pathetic human beings them and me and you" and now the crack is a canyon ten miles wide I watch you all dying from the other side it's easier to just turn and walk away
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Tympanali 1
So can I!

INDIEcent Exposure
Midnight on a tropical island, a million miles away.... the breeze in your hair, and slow dancing in that funky little tiki bar. VERY nice. DAMN I love this song....I listen to this about 15 times a day. Can't get enough.

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