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Wednesday, January 31, 2007 10:45:37 PM
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Sunday, April 17, 2011 2:48:14 AM
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Best of Austn


Ndie Xplosion rock with a tribute 2 all the Rock Greats...coupled with a dig slam 2 where the music Ndustry might be heading...


Does the rock still roll?
Elvis shook his pelvis, the King caused such a buzz
Chubby played all his checkers, then he twisted and shouted at her
Holly's little buddies, oh, those crickets please
Perkins still got the blues, don't you step on his blue suede shoes
Jim was the lizard king, open doors was his thing
Hendrix had a fuzzy Strat, upside down strung like that
Oh Lord, won't you please buy Janis a Benz
Who kicked over the Mr. Moon Kit?
Bonhaun's stairway, it was a candle lit
ch{Rock through the ages persevered on blog pages
Vinyls to 8 tracks, cassette tapes, Now any Joe can Rip a way
Googles, and Googles of MP3's, I Pods full of mediocrity
Cyberrock give me a smash hit, Cyberrock, don't lose the event
Cyberrock, PLAY IT}
Does the rock still roll?
The Stones are getting old
Fly'n home like a free bird, Skynard is Alabama's Abey, White, Revolver, Peppers, Walrus, the Yellow Submarine all caused such a fuss
Let It Beattles took A ticket to ride Yeah yeah yeah St Paul, John and George a songwriter's orgy,
Richard's still in bed, stars dance'n in his head
Smoker with right foot forward, barefoot one's not really dead
Just new direction with solo expression{}
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