AustnTake A Bounce
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Wednesday, January 31, 2007 11:54:53 PM
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Sunday, May 15, 2011 3:07:40 PM


Rockin' POP tune 'bout the ability to adjust 2 lifes struggles and situations...


I know I'm lost, prey to tricks
I beat my head up against the wall
Everything is wrong, it doesn't count
Gotta bounce on back, control it all
My life is one big joke, I don't hear a laugh
How do I take a fall

ch{Life seems so harsh
Challenging obscene
Never ending farce
Busting loose on a trampoline
Let's take a bounce...}

You think you've found the girl of your dreams
Bodacious tit-a-cles, boobs a lot and honeydews
A shot at love, priority that counts
Be ready to bounce when she cuts you loose
You think the relationship's right but you're left and done
another one waits on cue in the{}Modern age finance, yuppies
Just hippies, rich in dollars
Empathy, feelings, not money that counts Checkbooks will bounce, add it up scholars
My bottom line drowned in plastics
I hope it stretches, I can't find a{}
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