Al StravinskySixty-second song
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Monday, May 28, 2007 4:00:33 AM
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Thursday, May 01, 2008 6:57:00 PM
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Davies Ison And Friends...
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Finnegans Wake


It lasts a minute and says all I wanted to say. It's made of bass, piano, metronome, strings, vibes playing 'Westminster chimes', choir, synth and vocals; took me about 360 minutes to go full circle, from first thought to finished mix.

No introduction -
There's no time - and all at once I'm
Near the end of a well intentioned section A:
A minute's all I have today.

Repetition is key,
But repetition's not for me;
Another A frittered away
And I had such things to say...

In the video I'll show
The me between the rhymes -
Magnified a million times
(At the end of the lines).

So you see, I saw
I'd soon cease to be: I never was
The type to write a mighty epic No1.
But look how far I've come:
I've written sixty-one,
And thought I'd write a sixty-second song x
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Davies Ison And Friends...
Woh Brilliant! So witty and musically cool n creative too..Makes you realise how much time yer average popstar demands we waste on them-and 99% of them have a 10th the magic contained here..Randy Newman would be proud-and Davies-Ison definitely follow the 'less is more' dictum..

Finnegans Wake
While over against this belles' alliance beyind Ill Sixty, ollol- lowed ill! bagsides of the fort, bom, tarabom, tarabom, lurk the ombushes, the site of the lyffing-in-wait of the upjock and hock- ums. Hence when the clouds roll by, jamey, a proudseye view is 8 UP enjoyable of our mounding's mass, now Wallinstone national museum, with, in some greenish distance, the charmful water- loose country and the two quitewhite villagettes who hear show of themselves so gigglesomes minxt the follyages, the prettilees! Penetrators are permitted into the museomound free. Welsh and the Paddy Patkinses, one shelenk! Redismembers invalids of old guard find poussepousse pousseypram to sate the sort of their butt. For her passkey supply to the janitrix, the mistress Kathe. Tip.

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