Conversation SuicideThe Sun Is Risin'
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Friday, June 29, 2007 3:54:53 AM
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Saturday, October 24, 2009 1:06:42 PM
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Voices -Outside The Box
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REAL HARD Alternative
All The Best
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Yes, influenced by AL Jourgensen in vocal styling / It's vampiri-licious ... Peaked at no. 5 in all genres and reached Number 1 in HARD Alternative.

Phlegm = Lead & backup vocals/BASS, D-lo = Rythm Guitar, Seth = Lead Guitar, AL = Drums. Recording Engineer = Bradley Torrison of DARKSIDE Recordings.

YUP. Listen to 'em the lyrics will tell you the above story. BUT if you want pretty lyrical printouts AND pictures then BUY the CD coming out in 2009. "EBT - The Best of Conversation Suicide so far..."

In the MEANTIME, here's the

Picture a time
Between 9pm
and 5:30am

That's the time when
all the real modern vampires
work their night
of mayhem

I'm not talkin' 'bout the Tweakie-Tweak-Tweaks
Or the Goth Punk Freaks
or the Heavy Metal Geeks
or the Hip-Hop Sheeks,

I'm not talkin' 'bout the Gay-ass vampire wannabes
who file their teeeeth........

The Real modern Vampire:
The Artist and Musician

Don't believe the historical legends
of old.
That's why this Story has been told...

The Sun is Risin' again.
It's about 5:30 in the A.M.
Rising again (repeat & layer vocals)
Rising again...

Risin' Again....
Rising Again....
At about 5:30 am,
that's when I go to my coffin again.
To rest, sleep, RESSSST...
FOR another Night, Another Night of mayhem...
Another Night, 'nuther Nite of Mayhemmmmm....

The Sun is not my enemy.
Any real Vampire knows...
The Sun is my Friend.
The Sun is my friend......

Song Comments

Phlegm Phavorites
...This is one of the more complex songs we've done-and it did pretty well in the popular vote for the Alternative category of the Year of the Indie Contest. Until the judges got ahold of it, fluxuating between numero uno, and no. 2!

REAL HARD Alternative
One of these guys more intricate & creative attempts at CONVERSATION SUICIDE = HARD ALTERNATIVE

All The Best
Vampire Punk! They use perhaps my least favorite term here "Gay Ass" but what do you expect, they're a bunch of Punks! Very live and raw, I hope this band is gigging!

This is one I'm proud of. And it DID make it to the TOP spot on HARD ALTERNATIVE for a couple months. PLUS it was in the top 10 of ALL genres for a brief moment. Had to include it!

Yes, influenced by AL Jourgensen in vocal styling / It's vampiri-licious ... Peaked at no. 5 in all genres and reached Number 1 in HARD Alternative

Film/TV/Video Game Licensing
This song is a moody Vampire-licious epic tune, that's done EXTREMELY well on IAC, making it to the top 25 of all genres, a number of times.. Perfect for a Dark Comedy Movie sound track, and if anybody can pull this film off, it'll be pHLeGm, and School of Product Recall.

Voices -Outside The Box
From somewhere way outside the box. Creative Chaotic Rockin Bloodsuckin Phlegm Mayhem.

PhlEGm and the Nobody Rule the dawn b4 the light shows!!

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