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Saturday, August 06, 2005 8:43:38 PM
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Thursday, February 28, 2008 2:16:38 PM
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A song inspired by the movie "Blue Velvet"

Already a big hit for us. Most requested song at WAWL 91.5, local CMJ Top 20. A naive guy meets a lady of the world-could be romance,could be commerce.


Isabella, she always seems just a little sad.
Could it just be the candles or is it the dreams that she never had.
Isabella, she’ll never quite look you in the eyes.
Does she really have a secret, or perhaps she’s just a little shy.

But she’s not old, She’s just a little tired.
And those aren’t lines Her makeup’s just a little thin.
And when it’s said and done She’ll just give you a little grin
It’s time to worry about the shit your in.

Isabella, her lips tremble when she starts to speak
Is it just because she’s angry or is her story just a little weak.
Isabella, She always looks a little overdressed.
Does it just make her happy, or perhaps your not her only guest.

But she’s not scared, she’s just a little nervous.
And those aren’t tears; sometimes the sun gets in her eyes.
And when you meet her friends, they’ll just give you a little grin.
It’s time to worry about the shit your in. x
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