Sil VethStone Gazer
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Tuesday, October 23, 2007 7:55:36 PM
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Tuesday, October 23, 2007 8:01:31 PM
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Alex Merek, Ruston Grosse, Pat Shea

Look for me
With every thought I rise
In the array of concepts
I dwell

My shattered words
End their dance
Behind the silent lips
Upon the ground

If they do land
Seep deep beyond
The limits of sound

If they do reach far out
Where horizons split
Just to reflect
Each other's majesty profound

Where structures are complex
The feelings mixed
The passion, the reflex
All derelict

On a shore dark and withered
With no tongue and no voice
Like regret on a choice
Mute and solemn I lay

What was it then that brought me here?
What is it now that keeps me still?
Is it inertia or is it fear?
Its icy grip I feel...
Its icy grip I feel...

Come further look
A new confusion to behold
A pair of shoulders
With oh so little to uphold
From fragile truth
His inner self that smolders
Desired relief I will find

Spare no charm, hold back no evil
Tilt the chalice of pain filled to kill
Let it rain black down from its brass edges
Onto the desert of my soul

I hear you, yet we share no language
I see you, yet the endless glass between us I feel
The comforting cold of chrome blinds me
My fear.... Is your silent companion!

No mouth to speak with of my own lack of words
Take a bite of my reality
Take a stab at the remnants of my sight!

Come claw at this slithering nightmare of mine!

Whose name do you think the stones in silence have concealed?
To whom do you think belong these traces in time?
A chapter of memories hidden and sealed to reveal
And thus before long
This ardent heart will turn to stone to be mine!

Mine... mine... to be mine..
Mine.. mine.. mine!
A gazer of stone so fine!

I curse the beauty which in sunlight of tomorrow
Parts with my constant of my vision of today
Another day for me existed not
And never shall I halt
Until the world's
Under a silent shroud of stone

For all that lives so tender in its youth
And yet with age becomes forever rasp
The foolish humans never grasp
The depth... of my contempt
The magnitude!
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