the kozy kingLipstick & Pills (On Skin & Bone)
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Sunday, December 02, 2007 2:10:06 PM
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Friday, December 21, 2007 6:27:55 PM
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Confused kid becomes confused adult.

Intro: D Dm A E7
A C#7 A E
Verse1: Your little eyes were clear, and your little heartbeat so sincere
Did you hold his hand, as he tried to stand after too much beer.
A C#7 A E
You were daddy’s little girl, and nothing in this whole wide world
Could make you feel so bad, make you feel so sad, make the memories blur.
G#dim C#7 Gm* G#dim C#7 Gm*
You were just a kid – that’s where the devil hid
D+9 Dm A E7
You look innocent but we see the harm that it did
NOTE: *(Gm = Gm- GmMa7- Gm7- GmMa7)

Verse 2: You know it can’t be good to see you bow like a hindu should
Can it be unfair to point out there I didn’t like that food.
Why did the room go strange? All that chanting so deranged
Can it be uncool to call them all fools and wait for things to change.
You like to break taboo’s cuz nothing normal will do
It’s fresh paint with the old stain soaking through
Solo: A C#7 D B D+9 Dm A E7

Verse 3: Yeh, you can use my phone – lipstick and pills on skin and bone
After all these years your greatest fears have finally found a home
I know you must look sweet, when you’re walking down your street and
You like to greet all the freaks you meet because it makes the dream complete
You’d better wake up soon, you’re running out of room
You don’t know it but you’re always changing your tune
G#dim C#7 Gm* G#dim C#7 Gm*
You’ve got a song to do, and everyone’s listening to you
D+9 Dm A F#m
We’ll help you sing but you’ve got to sing along too
D+9 Dm A
We’ll help you sing but you’ve got to sing along too

Outro: A C#7
Always a cloud over your happiness
So proud of all that you’ve been through I guess
D+9 Dm A
How could you be anything but a mess?

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