JimmyTJackie's Blues
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Thursday, December 27, 2007 6:41:15 AM
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Tuesday, January 01, 2008 11:26:35 PM
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A little ballad/story tune about not quitting on life.

JimmyT - vocal, guitars, percussion, bass

Jackie's Blues
Jackie's been livin on a streetcar named desire
Couldn't seem to run away couldn't seem to get much higher
Till her dreams came crashin down and fell there at her feet
And pain was all she found
With no one there to keep her from the street

Jackie tho your thinkin that it seems this is the end
It's true it's easy to give in
But don't you know you gotta lot to live

Jackie worked as a dancer for the minimum and tips
Cause she always had loved to feel the rhythm in her hips
And men came whirlin by just like a carousel
An' when all the colors fly
It made it hard to keep hold of herself
Jackie then decided that her dancin' days were through
For good. Still what else could she do?

But don't you know you gotta lot to live
Cause where you go you gotta lot to give

If the world was any colder they'd have named it Planet Ice
So many times it's hard to find a single soul that's nice
And when you're on your own livin' day to day
So many little things, y'know. They seem to block your way
Jackie though it's hard to see beyond the runway lights
That shine in the back of your mind
Don't you know you gotta lot to live
Cause where you go you gotta lot to live
C'mon Jackie x
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