Jay JohnsonOut Of The Fire
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Thursday, February 21, 2008 12:09:26 AM
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Tuesday, March 04, 2008 5:59:03 PM
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Southern Rock/Funk for your Funky Self

c.2004 Out Of The Fire/RoyalBlueMoon/Jay Scott Johnson/JayJohnsonMusic.com

Out Of The Fire - Jay Johnson Copyright 2004 All Rights Reserved

You won’t see me walking in the neon lights
‘cause I don’t have no reason to go out no more at night

I’ll be here at home
I won’t be alone
So don’t you try and call me on the telephone


Out of the fire
Jumped in the middle of a sweet thing
Out of the fire
Jumped in the middle of a sweet thing

Everybody’s talkin’ ‘bout the things they do
Where they go what they see and who’s doin’ who
Don’t give me a call
It ain't no fun at all
When I can stay at home and shake the paintings off the wall


So don’t you try and tell me what is right for me
Where I go and what I play and who I ought to see
I don’t have to worry
I don’t have to fret
‘cause I think I might have found the best thing yet


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Bob Dylan Tribute
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