Taylor MillsGenie In A Bottle
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Tuesday, March 11, 2008 7:43:12 PM
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Saturday, April 12, 2008 9:26:43 PM
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Music and Lyrics by Allen Keller and Scott Bennett
Lead Vocals and Background Vocal by Taylor Mills
Background Vocals by Tommy Shaw
Guitars, Bass, Organ and Background Vocals by Scott Bennett
Drums and Percussion by Todd Sucherman
(Chang & Eng Music, ASCAP/Fur Vest Music, BMI/Bubinga Freak Music, ASCAP/Ted and Moose Music, BMI)
Produced by Todd Sucherman and Scott Bennett

Genie In A Bottle

Father always let me win
Really thought I was something
Lying in my bed
Halo overhead

But that was long ago
What happened I don't know


Genie where, where are my wishes
Genie where, where are my

I tried to quit again
But I never could say when
Memories dissolved in a
Glass of amnesia


At my stool rubbing my bottle (rubbing on my bottle)
Puff of smoke, Genie walked through
I asked him could you please help me (I am so lost and lonely)
He said funny that's what I was gonna ask of you (Can you help me)

I can still turn on the charm (even change my form)
Genie thought I could do no wrong (couldn't fool him very long)

Song Comments

What the Folk!
Another style Taylor gives us and that is in the kinda up tempo southern rock / country influence feel.Even though it is indicated as indie pop/rock I really hear some of that good ole country rock thing going on.. at least that is how I see it........ What a Multi-faceted artist. needless to say, but I will, Taylor is an incredibly accomplished artist capable of doing pretty much anything. don't know how I missed hearing about her before this. But definitely will be spreading the word on her music and if she ever hits Vancouver, Canada, I will definitely get to one her shows adding it to my What the Folk, cause I dont got no Country Station or indie pop alternative thing going on....

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