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Monday, April 07, 2008 8:21:21 PM
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Saturday, June 12, 2010 2:59:36 AM
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LoFi Intrigue


My "R we the only ones here???" song????


Hello, is anybody out there, life forms that care and share,We can't be the only biology this vast universe sees,The ultimate powers caused creation,We can't be the only evolution,There has to be inhabitants,But I can't hear voices,Saturn is not the only one with rings,Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto have all sorts of things,Wandering through the Milky Way,Kalidiscopes of ultraviolet rays,Exploring down Orions Arm,Epsilon, nearest planetery form,Wicked world of the Pleades,But I can't hear voices,Unborn stars, Brown Dwarfs,Our Sol a middleaged dwarf, Alpha Centrauri, our nearest starburst,Polaris overhead always North,The Crab Nebulae a super nova,The Star Cluster of Andromeda,Betelgease a super giant size,But I can't hear Voices,The Cosmic void Sirius the brightest,Neutron Plusars, Black hole dust,Virgo Cluster lead to Anataves,Answer the infinity quiz,What's beyond the Galactic ledge,Red shifts expose the disappearing edge,Stars specks of starlight that reached us yet,But I can't hear Voices...(repeat 1st verse)
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