Poor BillySct. Christopher
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Where in the hell is Eclectic, Alabama


Melodic, storytelling, hook

Music and text is written by Karsten Olesen

Karsten Olesen: Vocal
Peter Sandegaard: Banjo, dobro, backing vocal
Jesper Holt Andersen: Bass , backing vocal
Søren Poulsen: Drums

Sct. Christoffer
This is the story about Sct. Christoffer
Who gave all he had and more than that
The stargazers field penetrates his mind
His windswept face shows he`s been around

Late one night in the port of Amsterdam
A trade is made with Captain Sludge
If you put my soul on the magic track
I`ll walk the path and never come back

It`s a mystery that I am here
It`s a mystery that I am here

In Sudder Street a beggar playes flute on a knee
Found in the gutter under a tree
A velvet chant from a human being
Where Sct. Christoffer sets the scène

From legions of unseen and untamed and unheard
I bring you my story and these are the words
I was on a rollercoaster filled with dummies in a trance
Defeated by king of lazyness and ignorance

It`s a mystery that I am here
It`s a mystery that I am here

All of your smart guys
Playing the game
Running for cover
Looking for fame
Don`t you hear what I`m saying
Don`t you know who I am
I`m the broken lover
Though I look like a tramp

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could this be tom waits' younger brother, very cool...

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