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Tuesday, September 20, 2005 3:08:18 AM
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Sunday, May 31, 2015 6:33:31 PM
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Best of Austn


Where all us computer "addicts" end up spending/ wasteing a lot of our time, "Cyberland" Listen to the solo passage...see if you can figure out what instrument is the hard drive. motherboard, modem, processor...???

When you find Bill, run him thru the drill...does dot com stand for communications/computer/command...I'm so confused, the programs I have used...Gotta find a chat, where everybody's at...(what's your password?)
Send ya a instant message, if I can find a Sim.... You've got mail, junk it never fails...Pop-ups drive me crazy, no smileys on the and surf, gotta virus alert...So much spam, I'm almost out of RAM...Yes m'am I'll sure check out your web cam.... -CHORUS- Surf'n Surf'n, I'm sure you understand...Hooked up in my computer room...Play'n Play'n, in CYBERLAND...On my instrument of ecstasy and doom...(it's now safe to turn off your computer) Set up the networks, Co-workers they're all jerks...I'm a true gamer, the clan all knows my name... solve the puzzle, those arcades all dull... Shoot 'em up Beat 'em up, kill'n that's what's up...Walkthru's online, cheats all by design... Winner take all, the harder they fall...The secert mouse click, master joysticks... Initials with the best, what's your E-address... owwt-oh the boss, the party's over...Just finishing up that memo sir... (repeat-CHORUS-)
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Best of Austn
A tune 'bout our cyber/world/land we all must live N ???somewhat???

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