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Monday, January 26, 2009 4:04:09 AM
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Friday, May 27, 2011 7:32:48 AM
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Phlegm Phavorites
Soul Over Sheen
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put this up due to a personal request from DirgeK's Mum (Jill) -It should bring at least one or two chuckles out there!

MUSIC, LYRIX and Composition = Jeff Rosen, Phlegm & Artfest Music
Bass = Bottoms
Guitars = Johnny Stankfoot & Jeff Rosen
Drums = Mark, the anonymous studio drummer
VOCALS = Phlegm / Backup VOCALS = Jeff Rosen
Recorded on a budget at The University of Arizona Music School
Studio by an up and coming recording engineer who wishes to remain anonymous.
Cleaned up as best as it could be & Re-mastered by Bradley Torrison of DARKSIDE RECORDINGS.

Copyright 2006 ARTFEST Music Publishing Co.

It's a mostly humorous rant about a number of attempts at finding spirituality, amidst all of the charlatans over the years...condensed into cutesy one-liners....
I think the chorus is cool, but I've alwayz been proud of- "TIred of Jimmy Swaggert & Tammy Faye, I had to try a much more exotic way..." - but there's a few other gems... Should be released some day as a B-Sides offering on Romulus X Records UK if you want FULL Lyrics & Graphics & other stuff to make ya chuckle....
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Phlegm Phavorites
not one of our BEST but I collaborated with some cool musicians on it, and it does have some humorous aspects. And Jill (DirgeK's Mum) Digs it..... Awwww... what the heck, it's on Phlegm Phavorites.

Soul Over Sheen
When you write and record "Psycho Friend" may I make a guest appearance?

ya know ... I got this Psychotic friend and he's got a "Psychic Friend" ... and they are both Way TOO COOL !!!

#2 in comedy genre???? AND a favourite of JILL (DirgeK's Mum)?? How can I NOT include it!

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