BETSY CHARGEDark Distant Dreams
Dark Melodic MetalHyperLink
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Sunday, February 15, 2009 8:43:02 PM
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Tuesday, November 23, 2010 7:31:19 AM
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(demo mix)

Dark Distant Dreams

In the night
Secrets cry
Through dark dreams
Truth is seen

Forgotten once
Now they haunt
Memories seen through
Dark distant dreams
Dark distant dreams

In dream state
Standing face to face
Feeling your pain
All silenced in shame
Silenced in shame

Alone with this misery
Inner voices scream
Ripping at my seams
Dark distant dreams
Dark distant dreams

Nightmares shake
Screaming awake
Cold visions stay
Darkness remains
Darkness remains

In the night
Secrets cry
Secrets cry.

Composed & Written by Betsy Charge
Vocal/Guitar: Betsy Charge
Drum/Bass: Mo Laberge
Recorded & Mixed by Mo Laberge
Song Comments

SMASH deux
BETSY CHARGE gives it like way back in the day. a tripping out tune that is engaging and it surrounds you with an aura of euphoria that swirls about and you are will never be the same... Great big piece of work that slays you right through like a slice of a knife .................

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