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Monday, July 27, 2009 11:11:35 PM
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Sunday, June 06, 2010 3:00:02 AM
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Sunshine Smile..
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Certified Organic
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boy meets girl after 20 years... there is love but realizes its still over. love is good

Song Comments

sounds like a draft demo... love the melody and story.. looking forward to hearing the final mix - new mix 6-5-2010

Certified Organic
Something magical about acoustic performances, its the truth, and photograph is one such wonderful stripped to the heart and soul groovin song, yanno ya dont need no faking out stuff with no swirly pedaled out coffins full of junk gunk. Wallojo gives a stellar performance here with some wonderful songcrafting, and well worth many listens

wingsy harmonies, oldtimey piano...

Sunshine Smile..
Charming well crafted Beatlesy/Folky easy listening pop song that reminds me so much of of the 70s in spirit..Lovely harmonies,emotive changes and a joyful happy/sadness..Really enjoyable

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