Aimee TerrinAll Alone
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Sunday, August 09, 2009 5:09:27 PM
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Sunday, August 09, 2009 5:12:42 PM
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Everytime I see ya, I just wanna please ya...xoxo

Written by Aimee Terrin
Produced by Gypsy Stokes

by Aimee Terrin

You know I can see what you’re tryin’to do
Always on your game gotta be so cool
Do you feel what I’m goin’ through
When you go I’m feelin’ so confused cuz’


Everytime I see ya
I just wanna please ya
Tell me is that such a crime?
Anytime we’re together
I just feel like forever
Then you go
And I’m all alone…
And I’m all alone…

Feel like such a fool
Lovin’ you the way that I always do
Knowin’ that you’ll walk right out again
I’ve got to find someway to make it work
Until I can be with you


Tell me
Does it hurt so bad and why
Am I the one that always has to cry
You know
Aint nothin’that I wouldn’t do
Only wanna make you happy

Every, every, everytime you come around
Only wanna satisfy
Know we can make this thing right
Because this precious time we have
Should last a lifetime…

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I.A.C. Master Songwriters.

Sweet groove by Aimee (aka Jaimee Tyler) dropping a beauty with lovely layers of amazing vocals and those harmonies, fat juicy bass ,tasty keys,and rich and vibrant arrangement. cheers from one of your longtime fans....bryon

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