Aimee TerrinAll Alone
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Sunday, August 09, 2009 5:09:27 PM
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Sunday, August 09, 2009 5:12:42 PM
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Everytime I see ya, I just wanna please ya...xoxo

Written by Aimee Terrin
Produced by Gypsy Stokes

by Aimee Terrin

You know I can see what you’re tryin’to do
Always on your game gotta be so cool
Do you feel what I’m goin’ through
When you go I’m feelin’ so confused cuz’


Everytime I see ya
I just wanna please ya
Tell me is that such a crime?
Anytime we’re together
I just feel like forever
Then you go
And I’m all alone…
And I’m all alone…

Feel like such a fool
Lovin’ you the way that I always do
Knowin’ that you’ll walk right out again
I’ve got to find someway to make it work
Until I can be with you


Tell me
Does it hurt so bad and why
Am I the one that always has to cry
You know
Aint nothin’that I wouldn’t do
Only wanna make you happy

Every, every, everytime you come around
Only wanna satisfy
Know we can make this thing right
Because this precious time we have
Should last a lifetime…

Song Comments

I.A.C. Master Songwriters.

Sweet groove by Aimee (aka Jaimee Tyler) dropping a beauty with lovely layers of amazing vocals and those harmonies, fat juicy bass ,tasty keys,and rich and vibrant arrangement. cheers from one of your longtime fans....bryon

I know how Aimee is feeling this morning, all alone and confused. IMP is so quiet at the weekend but fortunately we get to play songs like this with this lady who knows exactly how to manipulate a note and a mood.

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