stevesIf I Married Hitler
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Monday, October 10, 2005 3:05:36 PM
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Monday, January 15, 2007 6:51:35 PM
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Comedy from hell
fReE mAn LeEs' FaVoURiTeS


"I could run this town, the right one by my side, everyone would step in time if hitler was my bride"

Have you ever felt the whole world was using your face as toilet paper..wiping their butts with your hair..picking their nose with your fingers? Wouldn't marrying Hitler turn things around? Wouldn't you get instant respect?
If I Married Hitler

> >Verse 1
I live on a quiet street, in a little town
> > not much goes on here, there isn't much around
> > but i could run this town, the right one by my side
> > everyone would step in time, if hitler was my bride
> > i have a neighbor, lets his dog crap on my lawn
> > my fraulein would "zeig heil!" that neighbor would be gone
> > brown shirts neatly pressed, boots polished to a shine
> > I'm so "stalinglad" der fuehrer, he is mine!

swastika in the breeze overhead
our love burns like a fire
flowers hang from the wall
enemies hang from piano wire
everybody needs to feel important
part of the machine
hitler won't you please marry me?
verse 2
> I'm not the life of the party, or the star of the show
> But with Hitler on my arm, I would bask in the glow
> Everyone would chat with me, albeit out of fear
> That I would tell mein adolf they are not welcome here.
> I'd ask my boss for a healthy raise
> Can I work less hours too? (narrator voice Jen or MB)
> Don't even bother coming in (boss voice)
> We'll send your check to you. (boss voice)
> Chorus
> Swastika in the breeze overhead
our love will never tire
"keep me warm mein adolf"
"add more books to the fire"
Everybody wants to feel important
> I've failed my whole life
> hitler wont u please be my wife?

Verse 3 (nazi wedding breakdown)
Goerring was his bridesmaid, Hess was the best man
i love his little moustache, pasty skin without a tan
On our wedding day, i was so excited
and eva braun that bitch, did not get invited

won the "master race" for my love
"blitzkreiged" my life so hard he tried
tore down the "bunker" of my heart
the "final solution" was to make him my bride!
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