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Monday, February 08, 2010 2:27:37 PM
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Sunday, August 29, 2010 3:12:28 PM
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Groovy conga beat. Whatever.

Music/Lyrics/Singing/Playing/Recording/Arranging: Tom O'Brien

I'm a California boy now living in Seattle. As I say, "You know it's just mythology." California is a huge and varied place, but the world thinks it's all blonds, beaches and bikinis. This song is about missing my home state and how others perceive it.
On goes the second blanket
As down comes the rain
Thus ends another summer
The cold brings you pain

But if we were
In California
We might wear autumn colors
Just for style
There are no seasons
In California
They just keep flashing you that
Store-bought smile

The fall will soon be over
And down comes the snow
Thus comes another winter
The cold wind will blow

But if we were
In California
We might wear winter fashions
Just for fun
There are no seasons
In California
With their tops down in the
Winter sun

You know it's just mythology
You want it to be true
That someone on a beach somewhere
Is better off than you

And in the spring, the flowers
Forget all the cold
You feel the seasons passing
And just feel so old

But if we were
In California
We might look like we never
Aged a day
We might get older
In California
But just how old we were we
Would not say x
Song Comments

byrdsy harmonies, dig the chorus/drums...

Smile About It
excellent song, kudos...

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