Katelyn DawnThere You Go Again
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Sunday, April 18, 2010 2:38:31 AM
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Monday, June 28, 2010 7:43:39 PM
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This song is catchy and uplifting. Breezy, fantasic vocals, funky guitars, great lyrics are all words that describe this track.

Lyrics & Music by Katelyn Dawn

"This is Katelyn Dawn, and I wrote my song "There You Go Again" after I moved out to Toronto from a small town in Manitoba. When I moved to Toronto it was hard because I was by myself and I ended up losing some jobs, getting my heart broken, and having a tough time with pissy landlords, cockroaches and psychotic roommates. "There you go again" is directed towards myself in how I often make the same mistake over and over again, mostly when it comes to relationships!
Lyrics & Music by Katelyn Dawn

Standing on the concrete staring at the signs
Getting freckles in your eyes
It’s a common problem that I find
It’s a disease of the mind

Oh, there you go again
Taking this apart breaking my heart
Oh there you go again
Holding on too long, suffering inside
Ba, ba, ba, la, la, la oooohh

Can you contain all the demons in your head
Sending mercy to its death
I might be the daughter of unrequited love
But you’re the son of disconnection


Now how does it make you feel
When you’re tortured and confused
You’re broken & abused
Oooh when will you say
That’s enough for me today
Even more than I can take

Guitar interlude


Oh there you go again holding on too long, suffering inside
Ba ba ba la la la oooohh
Ba ba ba la la la oooohh
hmmmm it’s disease of the mind

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sparklin' vocal, kickin' band, adventurous songwriting...

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