David MullenRash Within Time - Blisster Demo
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Tuesday, May 19, 2015 3:07:39 PM
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Tuesday, May 19, 2015 3:09:20 PM
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Thanks to this song I got to know "Father Time" fairly well online. Still some of my favorite lyrics. Demo version came out way better than the studio version from Learning Curve

David Mullen : Guitar, Vocals, Lyrics
Trent Donovan : Bass
Chris Giles : Drums

This song was dubbed "Blissters Mission Statement" by the bassist Trent
scrape my memory with a fine tooth comb
your tiffany lampshade was red as your soul
i draw a ring out, you're affectedly shy
but coy with your furies
we'll rash within time

distribute your thunder, scorn til you're sore
spring from the blood/sugar been poured
unravel your riddle chasing serpents in sky
with your cauterized heart
as we gather more flies

you fragrant tender, he spies and recedes
back to the serpent with his venom disease
peep show beatnik drops in a dime
your mirror it stains
as blurry as mine x
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the most angsty singing performance on the site imo.

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I was working with the Flash during a crossover episode and he carried me thru the time thing and this is what happened, I got a rash within time. I think that Barry Allen loves me like all the other boys. I told him I'm seeing Father Time now, sorry, I'm a one-man girl.

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