Anne Marie BushU Belong To Me
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Friday, May 22, 2015 12:03:06 PM
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Friday, May 22, 2015 12:05:46 PM
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Single "U Belong To Me" by Anne Marie Bush. Written and performed by Anne Marie Bush. Produced by Jesta Music and Anne Marie Bush.
Video produced and edited by Anne Marie Bush.
Camera: Morten Højgaard & Mikkel Lyng

Song Comments

Great r and B groove with a pop feel, a sweet tasty piano vibe. such stellar vocals and excellent bgs and solid production. Anne Marie shares something special here. Awesome arrangement with tasty touches of strings. Should have you coming back for more, hope she gives us another one or two songs.

International IMP Artists
Anne Marie expanded her activities with extensive travels all over the world, enlisting herself as a frequent songwriter and vocal producer for signed recording projects both in Europe and in the US. Projects include working as backing vocalists for major artists – like Britney Spears on the track “I Love Rock´n Roll” on the album “Britney Spears” and writing songs for feature films. Three of her songs are featured in the American movie “Living Life”, which aired on HBO in seven European countries.

2015 Golden Kayak Nominees!
nominated in R&B/Soul

2015 Golden Kayak nominee - listen and see why!

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